Hair Elastics

Made of soft, stretchy elastic material, our Hair Elastics are sure to be a hit with your hair and your wrist too! These Hair Elastics do not leave dents in your hair or skin, and even double as a chic bracelet when you don't need your hair back. Perfect for ladies of all ages!

Hair Elastics are $8.00 per pack of 6.

Neutral Colors Pack
Includes: White, Copper, Black, Cream Sparkle, Brown, and Charcoal

Light and Breezy Pack
Includes: Silver, Lavender, Sage Green, Light Blue, Cream Sparkle, and Gray

I've Got the Blues Pack
Includes: Blue Multi Stripe, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Aqua, Navy, and Gray Blue

Earth Tones Pack
Includes: Emerald Green, Brown, Light Blue, Sage Green, Copper, and Gray

Bold and Bright Pack
Includes: White, Aqua Green, Purple, Aqua, Red, and Emerald Green